Scan. Track. Manage multiple inventories.

Manage Inventory, Purchasing & Billing Across Multiple Facilities


Through extensive research, development and a proven track record of current client measurable results - QualScan has successfully created an integrated on-line system that is specially “tailored” to the Health Care Industry.

With QualScan, you can seamlessly track purchases while comparing them to your budget, eciently manage multiple inventories, and access “real time” automated reporting.

Engineered to be scalable QualScan eliminates the need for manual input, by automating: recurring transactions scheduling, optimizing of Par Level inventory controls, and cost of goods updates. QualScan is always there when you need it-available 24/7 and remember; there is no software to purchase, install, or maintain.


Saying that navigating today’s Health Care Environment is complicated-would be an understatement. Cost over-runs, sta burnout, regulations, and dotting I’s and crossing T’s-are just a sample of the challenges one faces- in the day to day eort to get “it right”.

QualScan was created to bring real solutions, through technology, that result in immediate cost savings and increased eciencies. Through it’s unique on line platform, QualScan will enable your sta to spend more time on your core competencies, as a resultimproving your patient care and safety. QualScan’s unique system automates: inventory management, procurement, and billing significantly freeing up administrative time. QualScan is scalable across multiple facilities, is portable, very user-friendly and is assessable 24/7.


Improve Patient Care & Safety

Track Real-time Consumption

Link residents to usage
Real-time consumption tracking


Scanner Increases Staff Efficiency

No More Manual Counting

Scanner ends manual counting
Clinicians spend less time on inventory management

Central Supply

Reduce Inventory Management Times by Up to 60%

Automatic Scheduling of Recurring Transactions

Optimize inventory level
Reduce surplus inventory and stockouts
Automatic scheduling of recurring transactions
No more manual counting


Reduce Costs with ‘Just in Time’ Inventory Management

Maximize Bulk Discounts by Ordering for Multiple Facilities

Maximize bulk discounts based on actual usage
Monitor and reorder for multiple facilities
Automatic reordering based on par level


Track Purchases Against Budget

Manage Multiple Facilities, Inventories and Price Updates

Improve billing accuracy with automated charge capture
Manage multiple facilities
Track purchases against budget
Automated Reporting
Cloud-based: No software to install or hardware to maintain
Reduce administrative time