About Us

Qual-Med is a family owned and operated company that had provided hundreds of brand-name supplies and inventory maintenance to the health care industry since 1992. From major cities to small communities, Qual-Med serves long term care facilities, doctors’ offices and in-home patients with individual solutions tailored to meet their needs.

Backing Extraordinary Service With Care

We do more than just provide products; we put new meaning to the word service. All of our products are backed by a personal level of reliable and consistent service. Our goal is to help you, by providing quality and reputable care to your residents and patients at an affordable price. 

Go With the Right Choice

We know that you take what you do seriously; after all, you have peoples’ lives in your hands every day.  At Qual-Med, we realize the importance of the products and services we offer. And we too take pride in the fact that we have an impact on the health and well-being of the people in your care.


That is why we choose to work with health care facilities on a personal level and help them discover what will make them more successful. Isn’t that what it’s all about, providing reputable, quality health care?  That’s what Qual-Med is all about – join our team of health care professionals today!